As well as China presents a very big variety of climates and regional products,
in the same way the Chinese culinary landscape offer a very vast range of tastes
and recipes . Cooking is considered in China like an art. It must to be
not only tasty but varied also: a crunchy dish, another of rather
sleek consistence, a very raised then one to sweet tendency, etc.
For all Chinese, to eat is source of happiness, joy and pleasure.
We distinguishe 4 big culinary regions:
Peking, Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton.
Peking is the capital and the cultural center of China .
There we can find the finest and most varied dishes .
There are a lot of pastas based dishes such as spring rolls or raviolis . The
most widespread vegetables are the Chinese cabbage, the cucumber, the celery and the soy.
The lacquered duck is reputed universally. There are also a lot of lamb. All dishes
are generally raised with garlic and shallot which reveals the influence of Mongolia and
Shanghai because of its geographical situation in border of sea
is a region where the consumption of fish is important. A particularity
of this kind of cooking is the use of sugar in all dishes.
You can also find a lot of steamed dishes in sauce soy.

Sichuan is widely-known for its peppers. They are present in most dishes.
A lot of garlic, ginger and Chinese mushrooms are also used .
The regional specialties are the spicy and sour soups, the crusty duck and the braised pork .
Fish only appears very rarely on the table.

The kind of cooking of Canton is the most known out of the Chinese borders.
The dim-sum, pastas based starters are prepared of multiple
ways and made the tour of the world. Steaming also holds a large
place there. The soft potatoes, the corn and wheat are cultivated
there a lot, as well as the tropical fruits: longans, lychees,
pineapples, fishings or bananas which strongly influences the preparation of
the dishes . You will also find there a lot of pigs, poultries
and fish. The sea and the streams are very fishy.
All of these make this kind of cooking very varied and strong appreciated.